Key Personnel

Kevin Neil, Managing Director

Kevin began working for Hambros in 1987 as a Financial Consultant and left seven years later as the Financial Services Director managing a subsidiary with a turnover of £225m. For three years in succession it was the most profitable subsidiary in the Hambros group and he won an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa in 1994.

He left Hambros in December 1994 and bought his first buy-to-let property in the UK in 1995 and continued to buy properties until he had built up a portfolio of 18 properties. He began to sell his portfolio of properties in 2002, completing the final sale in late 2003.

By 2004 Kevin had his first crack at property development when building 5 villas in Croatia.

During 2005 and 2006 he bought and sold a couple of properties in Bansko, Bulgaria, before moving on to completing some property deals in Marrakech, Morocco.

In 2007 he undertook his first direct property investment deals in the United States, centred around those areas that had been severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, namely New Orleans and in particular a little town called Biloxi, Mississippi. It was during this period that he first came across the Section 8 program, now known as the "Housing Choice Voucher Program"; which forms part of the basis of the Colonial Capital product strategy.

Just before the stock markets crashed in 2008, he negotiated a deal to purchase 27 apartments in Buenos Aires, Argentina and sold them via a UK based Overseas Property company. Soon after this transaction had completed the Stock Markets crashed and the overseas property industry collapsed almost overnight.

As an entrepreneur, Kevin heard about the UK Governments new Feed in Tariff in respect of Solar Photovoltaic systems and decided to take a break from buying and selling property, to start a Solar company. Over a period of 12months he grew the business very quickly and by the middle part of 2011 the business had over 50 full time employees. Unfortunately in late 2011 the UK Government decided to slash the Feed in Tarrif rate by nearly 70% thus making the business non-viable, accordingly he had no option other than to dissolve the company.

By this time, he was aware that the US residential property sector had recovered somewhat and thus after consultation with his colleagues and contacts in the US decided to offer investors the opportunity to benefit from the Section 8 program and thus established  Colonial Capital in 2011.


Peter Shuttleworth, Sales Director

Peter's career started in 1999, spending 3 years as a trainee accountant for a small local firm producing monthly management accounts, end of year accounts and tax returns.

In 2002, he started at Citigroup in their Global Corporate Trust business giving exposure to the Bond, Medium term note and European Commercial Paper markets.

He was involved with new issuances from our clients bond programmes and ensuring correct amounts pass between issuers and the clearing houses. 

In early 2004 he moved to Bank of New York in their rate fixing department focusing on fixing the rates for bonds and loans that Bank of New York administered in a timely manner as rates were published on the open market. 

In early 2006, he moved to HSBC to their ABS and Repackaged Debt business giving exposure to securities that were collateralised by mortgages, property, credit card debt and other loans.

He was also involved in setting up SPV’s to aid clients when investing in certain types of securities and investments. 

In January 2007, he moved to a newly created department at BNP Paribas. During the nearly 6 years that he was there, the department grew to a team of 21 and became the 2nd most profitable department of the bank in terms of revenue,

His main responsibilities were to ensure that the CDO transactions were profitable for both ourselves and investors. This was achieved by on-going extensive analysis of the portfolios.

The team worked very closely with Investment Managers on new investments by running hypothetical scenarios before committing to investments in the range of EUR 100m to EUR 1.2bn.


Shaun Brogan, Director

Shaun Brogan was called to the Bar as a Barrister in 1990. He has quite wide ranging professional experience in the English Court System since that time. His Legal Training and Practice, Business Law Degree, MBA training, Personal Portfolio and exposure from a young age to the property market (both Domestic and International) were all drawn together when he involved himself in the US property market some several years ago.

Since that time Shaun has transacted many millions of dollars in property acquisition and sale throughout US including Florida, Illinois, Nevada, Michigan and Maryland to name but a few.






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