About Colonial Capital

Colonial Capital was formed in 2011 to take advantage of the dislocation taking place in the US housing and mortgage market.

Our company ethos is summed up in one simple phrase, "making money, while doing good". This means that each of our socially responsible investment (SRI) opportunities must fulfil two separate criteria; First, it must help someone else who is less fortunate than ourselves and second, it must be produce an above average return on investment.About Us

Social Housing Bond

The Social Housing Bond focuses on acquiring, refurbishing and letting properties across Chicago.   

After the success of our first Bond Offering, we are launching a series of new bonds on August 1st 2014 with a closing date of November 30th 2014. Details of which are shown below:

  • Term: 3 years.
  • Interest 12% per annum, paid bi-annually.
  • Asset Backed: Bondholders have a secured charge over the shares of property owning company. 
  • 100% of investment funds returned upon redemption. (after the bond closes in 3 years).
  • Investment funds accepted in GB Pounds, US Dollars, Euros.
  • No currency exchange risk.                                              

Property Investment

We have an experienced team of property negotiators based in the US and our own tradespeople to carry out all refurbishment works that are necessary. All properties are refurbished to the highest standards, including new Kitchens, Bathrooms, Windows, Air conditioning and Hardwood floors.

Each property is delivered to the investor already refurbished and pre-tenanted.

At this time we are focusing on multi-family properties and single family residences in Chicago. 

New Chicago Office

Suite 3406

55 E Monroe Street






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